Leading GOP Climate Denier Tells the Pope To Butt Out of Climate Debate

"James Inhofe, infamous for tossing a snowball across the Senate floor to demonstrate ‘the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against the American people’, says Pope Francis should ‘stay with his job’ during a pitch to fellow unbelievers".

"Washington’s notorious snowball-thrower was at it again – even on a June day with forecast highs of 92 degrees – as the Senate’s most powerful environmental leader delivered a pep talk to activists who deny the science behind climate change.

Oklahoma senator James Inhofe, who now chairs the Senate environment and public works committee despite famously calling global warming 'the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people', took a star turn on Thursday at the Heartland Institute, whose conferences function as a hub for climate deniers.

His message – that 'God is still up there' and that Pope Francis should mind his own business – sent a clear signal to his fellow conservatives: climate sceptics have a loyal – and newly powerful – friend in Congress."

Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the Guardian June 11, 2015.


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Source: Guardian, 06/12/2015