"A Legal Twist In The Effort To Ban Cameras From Livestock Plants"

The livestock industry, which has been successfully urging state legislatures to pass bills hamstringing exposes of animal cruelty, has a new tactic that hobbles long-term undercover investigations of feedlots and slaughterhouses.

"For years, undercover videos documenting animal cruelty at farms and slaughterhouses have cast the nation's meat and dairy farmers in a grim light.

In response, the livestock industry supported legislative efforts in multiple states designed to keep cameras from recording without permission in livestock plants. The Salt on these efforts, which activists call 'ag gag' bills, last year.

But recently, the livestock industry seems to have taken a sharp turn in its legislative tactics."

Alastair Bland reports for NPR April 11, 2013.

Source: NPR, 04/12/2013