"Lisa Jackson Calls Out Power Utilities"

"Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson snuck in a few shots at a coal utility when testifying before the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee.

Those jabs were directed at American Electric Power, a utility company that has been vocally opposed to the EPA’s planned power plant regulations under the Clean Air Act. Last week, AEP, which is one of the largest coal burning utilities in the country, claimed that the proposed EPA rules would prompt a wave of coal plant closures and job loss around the country.
Jackson wasn’t buying the argument. She said the comments were 'misleading at best and scare tactics at worst.'Jackson made those comments following the committee meeting where senators were discussing the Clean Air Act. When delivering her testimony before the committee, Jackson called AEP’s claims 'doomsday'scenarios."

Andrew Schenkel reports for Mother Nature Network June 15, 2011.


"New EPA Regulations: Lisa Jackson Denounces American Electric Power" (Huffington Post)

Source: Mother Nature Network, 06/16/2011