"Is LNG Fracking Worth Its Weight in Water?"

"VICTORIA, B.C. -- More than seven billion litres of water were used for fracking in B.C. last year. If the government’s liquefied natural gas sector takes off, the water needed to get shale gas out of the ground in the northeast corner of the province will likely increase by 500 per cent, or more."

"Much of that water is consumed with only minimal regulation. A new law set to be introduced in the spring would, for the first time in B.C., impose fees for the use of groundwater and allow for government to restrict water use in times of scarcity. But it’s not likely to rein in the practise of hydraulic fracturing, which is critical to the development of LNG.

Lana Lowe is the director of the Fort Nelson First Nation’s department of land and resources. The water taken out of the band’s territory has already increased 12-fold in the past two years. Sitting in on an environmental appeal board hearing in Victoria in late December, where the Fort Nelson are trying to stop just one of the many applications for a fracking project in their backyard, Ms. Lowe senses that they are trying to stand in the way of a locomotive."

Justine Hunter reports for the Toronto Globe and Mail December 29, 2013.

Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, 12/30/2013