"Looking Back to See Forward: Top Climate Change Stories of 2012"

"A look back on a landmark study, weird weather, Greenland's ice sheet melt, and other highlights that shaped climate change science news last year."

"If past indeed is prologue, what lessons can be drawn from the 2012 climate news experience to help us anticipate the year ahead? Can looking back help us see forward in the new climate year?

The year just ended is widely viewed as one of surprising twists and turns, with some climate forecasts and potential dangers of climate change playing out on a grand stage: devastating and widespread drought, numerous weather anomalies across North America, culminating in "Superstorm" Sandy's historic surge, record-breaking melting of Arctic ice sheets, and more.

As is typical of climate change science, more is known with time, and the work progresses in small steps -- not major leaps. So many of the stories and research that made headlines in 2012 are kernels for future stories. Reporters have ample opportunity to address risk and adaptation realities of climate impacts; looking ahead, a focus on climate solutions -- addressing issues such as energy and innovation -- will likely play a large role."

Lisa Palmer reports for the Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media January 9, 2013.