"Maker of d-CON Rat Poison Fights EPA Ban"

"WASHINGTON -- The manufacturer of d-CON, a widely sold and popular brand of rat poison, is taking the rare step of challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to prohibit the over-the-counter sale of one of the nastiest and most effective of the poisons sold to consumers."

"'The impact of these rodenticides on wildlife is staggering,' Greg Loarie, an attorney with the environmental advocacy group Earthjustice, said in a statement. 'Study after study has documented anticoagulant rodenticides in more than three-quarters of necropsied raptors, wildcats and canines. The measures put in place by EPA to protect wildlife do not go nearly far enough, and yet Reckitt is refusing to accept even those baby steps in the right direction.'

Companies have had three years to comply with the ban, which took effect this month. It requires companies to stop selling loose pellets of rat poison to consumers, to keep pets and children from accessing them. It also ends the sale to consumers of so-called 'second generation' anti-coagulants: brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difenacoum and difethialone."

Erika Bolstad reports for McClatchy Newspapers March 19, 2013.

Source: McClatchy, 03/26/2013