"Meet The Microgrid, The Technology Poised To Transform Electricity"

"If we want a livable climate for future generations, we need to slow, stop, and reverse the rise in global temperatures. To do that, we need to stop burning fossil fuels for energy.

To do that, we need to generate lots of carbon-free electricity and get as many of our energy uses as possible (including transportation and industry) hooked up to the electricity grid.

We need a greener grid. But that’s not all.

The highly digital modern world also demands a more reliable grid, capable of providing high-quality power to facilities like hospitals or data centers, where even brief brownouts can cost money or lives."

David Roberts and Alvin Chang report for Vox December 15, 2017.


"Grid: DOE Advisory Panel To Focus On Resilience" (EnergyWire)

Source: Vox, 12/19/2017