"More Than Half Of New Norway Car Sales Now Electric Or Hybrid"

"OSLO - Sales of electric and hybrid cars exceeded half of new registrations in Norway in 2017, a record aided by generous subsidies that extended the Nordic nation’s lead in a shift from fossil-fuel engines, data showed on Wednesday.

Pure electric cars and hybrids, which have both battery power and a diesel or petrol motor, accounted for 52 percent of all new car sales in 2017 in Norway against 40 percent in 2016, the independent Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) said.

'No one else is close' in terms of a national share of electric cars, OFV chief Oeyvind Solberg Thorsen said. 'For the first time we have a fossil fuel market share below 50 percent.' "

Camilla Knudsen and Alister Doyle report for Reuters January 3, 2018.


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Source: Reuters, 01/03/2018