"N.C. Bill Would Make It a Felony To Disclose Fracking Chemicals"

"People who disclose confidential information about hydraulic fracturing chemicals in North Carolina would be subject to criminal penalties and civil damages, under a bill in the state Legislature.

The 'Energy Modernization Act,' which was introduced yesterday, would make it a Class I felony to disclose trade secrets related to hydraulic fracturing, while spelling out how the information is supposed to be provided to emergency workers. Class I is the lowest-level felony, punishable by a few months' imprisonment.

'It is very concerning,' said Hope Taylor, executive director of Clean Water North Carolina. 'That could have a very chilling effect on folks in the agencies who want to help emergency responders.'"

Mike Lee reports for EnergyWire May 16, 2014.

Source: EnergyWire, 05/19/2014