Nearly Half Of Climate Journalists Globally Received Threats For Their Work

"Groundbreaking new research also reports that 11% of surveyed have faced physical violence in their reporting".

"Almost four out of every 10 journalists covering the climate crisis and environment issues have been threatened as a result of their work, with 11% subjected to physical violence, according to groundbreaking new research.

A global survey of more than 740 reporters and editors from 102 countries found that 39% of those threatened “sometimes” or “frequently” were targeted by people engaged in illegal activities such as logging and mining. Some 30%, meanwhile, were threatened with legal action – reflecting a growing trend towards corporations and governments deploying the judicial system to muzzle free speech.

The global survey by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and Deakin University is the first-of-its-kind scrutiny of the challenges faced by journalists covering arguably the most pressing – if not existential – issues of our time.

The Covering the Planet report includes in-depth interviews with 74 journalists from 31 countries about what help they need to do a better job reporting extreme weather, plastics pollution, water scarcity, and mining as global heating and unchecked corporate greed pushes the planet to its limits.

The majority said climate and environmental stories have more prominence – relative to other subjects – than a decade ago, but the volume of coverage of the climate crisis is still not commensurate with the gravity of the problem."

Nina Lakhani reports for the Guardian June 5, 2024.


"Covering the Planet: Assessing the State of Climate and Environmental Journalism Globally" (Internews)

Source: Guardian, 06/10/2024