"Nebraska Decarbonization Vote Was Years In The Making"

"Nebraska has become the first Republican-dominated state to commit to a goal of net-zero electricity emissions by 2050.

The move stems from the Cornhusker State’s unique energy regime. Nearly the entire state is served by three public utilities, which are governed by board members who are popularly elected or appointed by local officials.

The board of the largest utility, the heavily rural Nebraska Public Power District, voted 9-2 yesterday to aim for net-zero emissions in their own generation. The other two utilities — the Omaha Public Power District and the Lincoln Electric System — made similar or more aggressive commitments last year.

Those goals must still be translated into concrete plans. But it nevertheless marks a triumph for local climate activists, who spent the Trump era focused on down-ballot races for utility directors or the officials who appoint them."

Adam Aton reports for E&E News December 10, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 12/13/2021