New Flu Spilling Over From Cows To People In U.S. Should We Worry?

"In 2011, a farmer in Oklahoma had a bunch of sick pigs. The animals had what looked like the flu.
"Just like a person with respiratory disease, the pigs had labored breathing, maybe a runny nose, cough and potentially a fever," says virologist Benjamin Hause.
At the time, Hause was working at the company Newport Laboratories, which develops custom vaccines for livestock. "We would detect and isolate pathogens from animals. Then we would grow the pathogens in the lab, kill them and formulate vaccines," says Hause, who's now an executive at Cambridge Technologies, another vaccine company.
The Oklahoma farmer took a few samples from the pigs' noses — a bit like how you swab your nose for an at-home COVID test. He sent the samples to Hause so he could figure out what was making the pigs sick."
Michaeleen Doucleff reports for NPR March 29, 2023.

Source: NPR, 03/29/2023