"New York City Ready to Expand Greenways Along Rivers, Railways and Parks"

"Community organizers say the multi-use paths protected from vehicle traffic can connect the city’s boroughs and help increase climate resilience as rainfall, flooding and storms all become more intense."

"New York City is poised for a year of opportunity with the opening of miles of city-wide greenways, a success for community advocates who are cautious but optimistic about the effort to create fresh or upgraded public paths across the boroughs.

Greenways are multi-use paths for walking, biking and electric-assisted transport, often situated along rivers and railways or in parks. In urban areas, they are meant to enhance the local landscape and offer safe travel ways protected from vehicle traffic.

There are some clear environmental benefits for communities. The obvious reduction of  emission reduction aside, added foliage and landscaping can ward off summer heat, play a crucial role in stormwater management by reducing runoff and erosion, and encourage biodiversity in urban areas."

Judah Duke reports for Inside Climate News March 9, 2024.

Source: Inside Climate News, 03/11/2024