"Noise Pollution: Why The Sea Needs More Peace"

"Too much noise is not only annoying for us on land but also to animals underwater. Worse, too much noise can kill them. Three solutions for making the oceans quieter and why less noise is good for the climate."

"What may look like a calm and still ocean from shore is anything but. From the magical song of whales to the clicking of dolphins and chattering of crustaceans, the sea hosts a symphony of sounds.

Here animals use sound to communicate, navigate, find mates or prey. Sound is essential for the survival of almost all sea creatures.

Clownfish, which you might know from the animation film "Finding Nemo," set in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, make it clear who is boss by clacking with their jaws. Small shrimp advertise their services to reef fish by flapping their fins.

And some coral fish listen carefully when choosing the right reef. The ocean sounds inform them if the reef is healthy enough to provide for their offspring."

Tim Schauenberg reports for DW September 26, 2022.

Source: DW, 09/27/2022