"Norway and Turkey Vote Against Ban On Dumping Mining Waste At Sea"

"Norway and Turkey were the only two of 53 countries to vote against an international ban on the dumping of mining waste at sea, at a major conservation summit in Hawaii last week.

Even big mining nations including China and Russia voted in favour of the resolution at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) congress.

The proposal, put forward by Iran, the Czech Republic, the Philippines and several other countries, called for “all states to ban marine disposal of mine tailings for new mines as soon as possible, and to plan a stop to ongoing marine disposal sites.” The proposal will still pass despite the two votes against, but is not legally binding."

Tone Sutterud and Elisabeth Ulven report for the Guardian September 14, 2016.


"World's Conservationists Shift Focus From Land To Sea" (Christian Science Monitor)

Source: Guardian, 09/14/2016