"This N.Y.C. Building Is in the Bird-Killing Hall of Shame. It Wants Out."

"A shiny glass condo property in the city has become notorious for deadly crashes, so some residents are pushing for change."

"The dazzling views of Central Park come with a dark side.

Each spring and fall, dead and injured birds litter the front sidewalk and interior courtyard of a glassy, crescent-shaped building of about 50 condominium units on the northwest corner of the park. The casualties are brightly colored travelers on migrations that would normally take them hundreds or thousands of miles.

From tiny yellow warblers to large, elegantly marked woodpeckers, their journeys end at the building, Circa Central Park, when they crash into glass they can’t see.

The deaths have brought outrage from bird advocates, shame on social media, disapproval from neighbors and even stronger disapproval from the residents’ own children. News articles have labeled the building a “death trap.” Online reviews became an embarrassment; a simple address check by dinner guests could lead to uncomfortable questions about dead birds."

Catrin Einhorn reports for the New York Times with photographs by Andres Kudacki October 16, 2023.

Source: NYTimes, 10/19/2023