"Obama To Block New Uranium-Mine Claims Near Grand Canyon"

"New uranium mining claims on 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon will be blocked for 20 years under a decision the Bureau of Land Management announced Wednesday."

"The announcement confirmed that the Obama administration was proceeding with a plan that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced in July and is expected to make final in 30 days. The decision withdraws a right to Western public lands that mining companies otherwise would have under the 1872 Mining Law

Sen. John McCain of Arizona and other Republican lawmakers proposed legislation earlier this month that would prevent the administration from proceeding with the withdrawal. They said then that there was no evidence that uranium mining would harm the Grand Canyon watershed, and that banning new claims would cost hundreds of jobs."

Renee Schoof reports for McClatchy Newspapers October 26, 2011.


"'Unearthly' Beauty Tops Jobs: Obama Freezes Mining Near Grand Canyon" (cHRISTIAN Science Monitor)

Source: McClatchy, 10/27/2011