"Obama Budget Would Increase U.S. Clean-Energy Spending"

"President Barack Obama proposed a dramatic increase in clean-energy spending on Wednesday as he sought to expand U.S. government support for electric cars, wind power and other "green" technology despite persistent Republican criticism.

The president would pay for the expansion in part by eliminating tax breaks and subsidies for oil, gas and coal industries. Previous efforts by Obama's fellow Democrats to repeal the $4 billion worth of fossil-fuel subsidies have fallen short."

"Obama's budget plan for fiscal 2014, which begins October 1, would boost clean-tech spending by 40 percent over current levels, marking one of the largest increases in a blueprint that otherwise would cut spending in a wide range of other programs, from environmental protection to retirement benefits.

The president's budget proposal stands a slim chance of becoming law in its current form."

Andy Sullivan reports for Reuters April 11, 2013.


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Source: Reuters, 04/11/2013