"For Obama, a Renewed Focus on Climate"

"The satellite images viewed by President Obama before a meeting with eight Western governors were stark, showing how snowpack in California’s mountains had shrunk by 86 percent in a single year.

'It was a ‘Houston, we have a problem’ moment,' recalled White House counselor John D. Podesta, one of two aides who briefed the president that February day. Obama mentioned the images several times as he warned the governors that political leaders had no choice but to cope with global warming’s impact.

After years of putting other policy priorities first — and dismaying many liberal allies in the process — Obama is now getting into the weeds on climate change and considers it one of the key components of his legacy, according to aides and advisers."

Juliet Eilperin reports for the Washington Post May 4, 2014.

Source: Wash Post, 05/05/2014