Obama's Climate Image Blurs as He Nears Last Half of Presidential Term

"Barack Obama was considered a climate change savior 20 months ago, rushing into the White House with promises to price carbon, accelerate renewable energy technology and participate in a worldwide effort against global warming.

He was a champion to environmentalists and sometimes described the atmospheric impacts of unregulated emissions as a threat to his own family. Global warming, he said in 2007, is not 'a someday problem; it is now.'

But the legislative remedy would have to wait. Now, nearly two years into Obama's term, the president's climate image has changed. He is no longer a champion to some, and others are astonished at his administration's unenthusiastic support of a climate bill in the Senate this year. It failed without a vote."

Dina Fine Maron and Evan Lehmann report for ClimateWire September 8, 2010.


Source: ClimateWire, 09/09/2010