"Ocasio-Cortez To Co-Chair Biden-Sanders Campaign Climate Task Force"

"Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will co-chair a task force for Joe Biden's campaign on climate change, a move that adds progressive credentials to the former vice president's effort to unify the party ahead of the general election.

Ocasio-Cortez will work with former Democratic presidential nominee and Secretary of State John Kerry, the panel's other co-chair, in a group that also includes Varshini Prakash, the executive director of the Sunrise Movement, the youth-led champions of the Green New Deal.

The task forces, which also cover health care, the economy, criminal justice and education, include a lineup of progressive leaders and top Biden campaign aides and allies. Sanders revealed plans to form the advisory panels when he dropped out of the presidential primary last month, a sign of both campaigns' desire to form a united front against President Donald Trump and smooth over worries among Democrats that the party would splinter along ideological lines."

Gregory Krieg, Ryan Nobles, and Paul LeBlanc report for CNN May 13, 2020.


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Source: CNN, 05/14/2020