"Ohio House Votes To Delay And Weaken State's Renewable Energy Law

"The Ohio House of Representatives approved a bill on Wednesday that would roll back the state's renewable energy and energy efficiency law, making Ohio the first state to reverse standards meant to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

The bill passed out of a House committee on Tuesday and went to the floor Wednesday afternoon. The bill had already passed the Senate earlier this month.

The Ohio legislature approved the renewable energy and efficiency standards in 2008, when it passed them almost unanimously. But opponents of the measure have been trying to roll them back for several years. Last year, state Sen. Bill Seitz, a Republican from Cincinnati, said the standards are like "Joseph Stalin's five-year plan." (Seitz is a co-sponsor of this year's bill.)"

Kate Sheppard reports for the Huffington Post May 28, 2014.


"Fossil Fuels Vs Clean Energy: State-By-State Exposé" (CleanTechnica)

Source: Huffington Post, 05/29/2014