Opponents Cry Foul Over of Pebble Mine's Scientific Review

"ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The group aiming to develop a giant copper and gold mine in the Bristol Bay area is vetting the scientific studies that underlay its work, turning to a Colorado-based non-profit with expertise in environmental conflict resolution. But critics of the proposed Pebble mine are having little of it."

"Six days of scientific review meetings organized by the Keystone Center kicked off Tuesday in Anchorage at the Consortium Library on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus. Keystone describes the effort as an in-depth, objective review of Pebble's science. Mine opponents counter that the studies are lacking and that the effort is mainly designed to sway public opinion.

As is often the case with Pebble, controversy erupted even before the sessions began.

Keystone removed one fisheries scientist for expressing concerns in a Web opinion piece about whether the mine could operate without harming valuable wild salmon runs. And another researcher withdrew, saying Pebble's studies could not be adequately assessed without a mine development plan."

Lisa Demer reports for the Anchorage Daily News October 3, 2012.

Source: Anchorage Daily News, 10/04/2012