"Oroville Dam Crisis Sprang From Pat Brown’sTowering Ambition"

"America’s tallest dam was built from earth, stone and concrete – and the towering ambition of Gov. Pat Brown.

Sixty years before a crisis at Oroville Dam sent thousands fleeing for their lives in February, the late governor brought an almost evangelical zeal to erecting the structure that would hold back the Feather River to deliver water to the parched southern half of the state.

Hundreds of pages of state archives, oral history interviews and other documents reveal a portrait of a man hell-bent on building Oroville and the rest of the State Water Project. Determined to leave a personal legacy, Brown misled voters about the State Water Project’s costs, ignored recommendations to delay Oroville’s construction and brushed aside allegations that substandard building materials were being used at the dam. His administration steamrolled past a land-speculation scandal, relentless labor strife and the deaths of 34 workers to get Oroville built on time.

'I didn’t want anything to stop the California Water Project,' Brown said years later, using an earlier name for the project."

Ryan Sabalow, Dale Kasler, and Christopher Cadelago report for the Sacramento Bee May 14, 2017.

Source: Sacramento Bee, 05/17/2017