"Ottawa Ignoring Hazards Of Top Pesticides Sold In Canada"

"Dr. Paul Winchester’s passion is delivering healthy babies.

In 2001, he moved to Indiana to work at a hospital based in Indianapolis. But he soon grew alarmed at the high number of premature babies and birth defects he was seeing among newborns. '(From 1999 to 2002) Indiana had more birth defects than the rest of the country,' says Winchester, who is now director of his hospital's neonatal intensive care unit and a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University’s school of medicine.

Winchester began looking for the cause of the birth defects, convinced they were being triggered by an environmental contaminant. 'It needed to be a contaminant that can be seen in just about everyone,' he explains, 'something that would have affected the whole state. And atrazine fits that bill.'"

Bruce Livesey reports for the National Observer August 9, 2017.


Part One: "Has Ottawa sold out to Big Agro and its toxic chemicals?" (National Observer)

Source: National Observer, 08/11/2017