Over 25m Drink From Worst US Water Systems, With Latinos Most Exposed

"Guardian investigation shows systems in Latino areas violate federal drinking water rules twice as much as those serving the rest of the US"

"Millions of people in the US are drinking water that fails to meet federal health standards, including by violating limits for dangerous contaminants.

Latinos are disproportionately exposed, according to the Guardian’s review of more than 140,000 public water systems across the US and county-level demographic data.

Water systems in counties that are 25% or more Latino are violating drinking water contamination rules at twice the rate of those in the rest of the country.

America’s worst public water systems – those that have accrued more than 15 “violation points” for breaking standards over five years – serve more than 25m Americans, the research shows. An estimated 5.8m of these are Latino."
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Emily Holden, Caty Enders, Niko Kommenda, and Vivian Ho report for the Guardian February 26, 2021.


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Source: Guardian, 03/01/2021