"PAC Fronts Formed In Nevada Net Metering Battle"

"Rooftop solar and distributed energy champions have advanced a ballot initiative to restore Nevada’s retail-rate net metering policy. However, they are facing legal challenges from a utility-backed PAC. Expect a vigorous courtroom battle."

"To the shock of many net metering proponents, earlier this February, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission voted not to grandfather existing customers onto a new rooftop solar tariff. Solar companies argue the new rates are unfair to current solar customers and have made it impossible to attract new ones.

As a result, the No Solar Tax PAC, the political action committee spearheading the solar ballot initiative, announced it had secured the support of more than 90,000 residents.

But on February 12, Carson City–based attorney James Cavilia filed to create a separate PAC called Citizens for Solar and Energy Fairness in opposition to net metering programs. As expected, the PAC has filed a legal challenge to the pro-solar referendum."

Glenn Meyers reports for Clean Technica March 6, 2016.

Source: Clean Technica, 03/07/2016