"Panel Seeks More Disclosure On Natural Gas Drilling"

"A federal panel sketched out its first vision of a regulatory roadmap for the booming shale natural gas industry on Thursday, urging more transparency on the use of chemicals and more careful treatment of waste water."

"In a report closely watched by leading energy companies who fear higher costs from more government oversight, the panel acknowledged that the risk of the chemical fluids used to crack open shale fissures leaking into drinking water was 'remote', but offered a host of ways the industry could win greater public trust for the controversial process of 'fracking'.

The interim report, to be followed by a final set of recommendations in November, appeared to walk a fine line between shoring up regulations in an industry that barely existed three years ago and stepping lightly enough to ensure that the United States has decades worth of cheap domestic gas."

Ayesha Rascoe reports for Reuters August 11, 2011.


"'Fracking': Did Energy Department report clear up controversy?" (Chritian Science Monitor)

Source: Reuters, 08/12/2011