"Part of Flooded Yellowstone Likely To Remain Closed All Summer"

"Yellowstone National Park officials say portions of the park may be closed for an “extended” period following catastrophic flooding that caused a park shutdown, the ejection of more than 10,000 visitors and widespread infrastructure damage whose repair will require both serious dollars and tough decisions.

Park roads were knocked sideways. At least six park employees lost their residence, which widely circulated video showed collapsing into the raging Yellowstone River. Gateway communities like Gardiner were temporarily cut off. Power outages hobbled wastewater treatment facilities and sewer lines have been compromised, potentially including one beneath the Yellowstone River.

And park officials know they may not even know the worst part yet (Greenwire, June 14)."

Michael Doyle and Scott Streater report for E&E News June 15, 2022.


"Flooding Chaos in Yellowstone, a Sign of Crises to Come" (New York Times)

"Rare Yellowstone Closure From Historic Floods Spells Hardship For 'Gateway' Towns" (Reuters)


Source: E&E News, 06/16/2022