"Poison Vapor In Petoskey Condos Was 35X Above EPA Safety Level"

"PETOSKEY, MI -- Northern Michigan's industrial past is returning to haunt the Petoskey waterfront, where environmental and public health officials are going door-to-door to test for poison vapors inside residences built on a Superfund site.

The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating vapor intrusion around the former Petoskey Manufacturing Company site at 200 W. Lake Street, which was redeveloped into a condominium complex next to Bayfront Park.

Trichloroethylene, (TCE), a cancer-causing industrial solvent still present in high concentration in the groundwater and soil under the site, was found at levels high enough in the indoor at the Water Street Condominiums in March and April for health officials to suggest that some residents temporarily relocate."

Garret Ellison reports for the Grand Rapids Press May 14, 2017.

Source: Grand Rapids Press, 05/15/2017