Population Of Top 10 Counties For Climate Disasters: 81% Minority

"Communities with large minority populations are among the most vulnerable in the U.S. to the effects of climate change and could become more threatened as the coronavirus pandemic weakens their resilience to disasters, according to experts and federal data.

Counties, cities and neighborhoods with large numbers of black and Hispanic residents are more likely than others to suffer from events such as extreme heat and flooding because they are often located in damage-prone areas and frequently lack the resources to recover quickly from disasters.

It's the result of long-lived policies that clustered minorities in undesirable areas such as floodplains and denied them amenities like green spaces and tree canopies that can mitigate some effects of climate change."

Thomas Frank reports for Climatewire: June 8, 2020.


"As Warming Risks Rise, Boston Pastor Sees Need To Spur Climate Justice'" (Reuters)

Source: Climatewire, 06/09/2020