"Post-It Note Maker 3M Unveils New Paper Sourcing Policy"

"St. Paul-based 3M Co, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and the maker of Post-it notes, will take new steps to ensure that its suppliers of paper, pulp and packaging provide materials that come from sustainably logged timber.

The new paper-sourcing policy, aimed at preventing the destruction of forests, comes after pressure on 3M from environmental activists, who accused the company of outdated practices that jeopardized fragile forests.

The company, which also manufacturers Scotch brand tape products, will now require some 5,000 direct suppliers, located in more than 70 countries, to provide data, including the source of their harvested wood fiber. The company says it may sever ties with suppliers that fail to meet its standards."

Lewis Krauskopf reports for Reuters March 5, 2015.

Source: Reuters, 03/06/2015