Public Outrage Forces Interior To Scrap Big Increase In Park Entry Fees

"Interior Department officials on Thursday completely backed off a proposal to increase entrance fees at some national parks, opting instead for an across-the-board $5 increase at all parks that charge visitors to enter.

The proposal marks a significant turn from a plan in October to increase peak-season entrance fees at 17 popular parks from $25 to $70 — the largest increase since World War II — to help pay for the National Park Service’s nearly $12 billion infrastructure backlog.

But a wave of angry public comments to the proposal convinced Interior that the fee hike might backfire and lead to a decline in visitation, causing revenue to crater. Two annual passes, including the popular “America the Beautiful” pass, would remain at $80. Under the updated increase, the Park Service stands to add about $60 million by year’s end."

Darryl Fears reports for the Washington Post April 12, 2018.

Source: Washington Post, 04/13/2018