"Race Is On as Ice Melt Reveals Arctic Treasures"

"NUUK, Greenland -- With Arctic ice melting at record pace, the world’s superpowers are increasingly jockeying for political influence and economic position in outposts like this one, previously regarded as barren wastelands."

"At stake are the Arctic’s abundant supplies of oil, gas and minerals that are, thanks to climate change, becoming newly accessible along with increasingly navigable polar shipping shortcuts. This year, China has become a far more aggressive player in this frigid field, experts say, provoking alarm among Western powers.

While the United States, Russia and several nations of the European Union have Arctic territory, China has none, and as a result, has been deploying its wealth and diplomatic clout to secure toeholds in the region."

Elisabeth Rosenthal reports for the New York Times September 18, 2012.


"Arctic Sea Ice Thaw May Be Accelerated By Oil, Shipping" (Reuters)

Source: NY Times, 09/19/2012