"The Real 'Glaciergate'"

"Sometimes I wonder how the public can still be so confused about global warming. But reading the news sometimes, it's really fairly obvious. Take, for example, today's top candidate for most misleading headline of the year, from the Telegraph: "Cancun climate change summit: glaciers increasing despite climate change."

Holy counterintuitive, Batman! But wait—that's not actually what the article, or the report it refers to, really says. Good thing you only have to read to the second paragraph to get the real story:

'However, overall ice and snow on mountains has been retreating since the industrial age, according to scientists from around the world.

In some regions, it is very likely that glaciers will largely disappear by the end of this century, whereas in others ice cover will persist but in a reduced form for many centuries to come.'"

Kate Sheppard reports for Mother Jones December 8, 2010.


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Source: Mother Jones, 12/09/2010