"Reaping What We Sow"

"Chemical titans say they have what farmers need to fight superweeds, but will they only be adding to a growing problem?"

"It all started innocently enough seven or eight years back, recalls Philip Shaw, a farmer near Dresden.

Preparing to plant a field of soybeans one day on his 350 hectares in the heart of southwest Ontario, he puzzled over what was later confirmed to be a brand new breed of mutant weed, one of the very first in Canada.

The species was a common Giant Ragweed, but this particular Ambrosia trifid L. refused to surrender to Shaw's repeated assaults with the reliable old herbicide glyphosate.

The darn weed was practically indestructible and, with some hardy cohorts, would eventually grow back and ruin his soybeans."

Ian MacLeod reports for the Ottawa Citizen May 12, 2012.


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Source: Ottawa Citizen, 05/14/2012