"'Red China' Energy Jobs Play in House Races"

"The Chinese flag is being raised in states around the country -- in campaign attack ads warning voters that Congress is creating renewable energy jobs within the borders of America's biggest rival.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is unleashing the television ads in tight House races as a way to connect the unpopular economic stimulus package with stubborn unemployment rates. The flurry comes during the final surge of campaigning before midterm elections determine which party controls Congress.

Commercials show red dots bouncing on a world map from the United States to China, intimidating cartoon pictures of imperial buildings, and splotches of red reminders that China is led by a communist government. Some end with the familiar ting of Chinese-themed music."

Evan Lehmann reports for ClimateWire October 18, 2010.


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Source: ClimateWire, 10/19/2010