"Regulations: Judge Throws Out Case Against Trump Executive Order"

"A federal judge today [Monday] dismissed a lawsuit challenging President Trump's executive order requiring agencies to scrap two regulations for every new one created.

Judge Randolph Moss of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia tossed out the suit on procedural grounds after finding that public interest and environmental plaintiffs did not have legal standing to sue.

"The court must conclude that it lacks jurisdiction," wrote Moss, an Obama appointee.

Along with requiring federal agencies to eliminate two rules for every new one, Trump's January 2017 order established a regulatory budget for how much agencies can spend on new rules each year."

Amanda Reilly reports for Greenwire February 26, 2018.


"Groups Blast Dismissal Of Suit Against Trump Executive Order" (E&E News PM)

Source: Greenwire, 02/27/2018