"Report: Climate Change Imperils Nation’s Historic, Cultural Landmarks"

"WASHINGTON — Saying there’s a 'race against time,' an advocacy group said this week that climate change – leading to sea level rise and worsening wildfires – is putting some of the nation’s most significant historical sites at risk.

Highlighting archeological and other historical sites in Florida, California and several other states, a report released Tuesday by the Union of Concerned Scientists said that rising waters and raging flames could undermine some of the nation’s most-cherished locations.

'You can almost trace the history of the United States through these sites,' Adam Markham, director of climate impacts at the Union of Concerned Scientists and a co-author of the report, said in a statement. 'The imminent risks to these sites and the artifacts they contain threaten to pull apart the quilt that tells the story of the nation’s heritage and history.'"

Chris Adams reports for the McClatchy Washington Bureau May 20, 2014.


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Source: McClatchy, 05/20/2014