"Report: Some Chemicals In S.F. Bay Near Levels of Concern"

"Pesticides, flame retardants and other chemicals used in homes and businesses have been found in San Francisco Bay at levels that could pose hazards to aquatic life if they go unchecked, according to a new report."

"For now, none of the chemicals is present in concentrations alarming enough to be of 'high concern,' meaning they are unlikely to cause significant harm to water quality and the bay's inhabitants, according to the annual report from the Regional Monitoring Program, an environmental group that tracks contaminants in the bay.

'However, there are a number of chemicals that are showing up not too far from levels of concern, and that's the bad news,' said Tom Mumley, assistant executive officer of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board."

Stephanie M. Lee reports for the San Francisco Chronicle October 28, 2013.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 10/29/2013