"Road Salts Wash Into Mississippi River, Damaging Ecosystems and Pipes"

"Chloride levels are increasing at all Wisconsin monitoring sites and across the Upper Mississippi River basin."

"LA CROSSE, Wis. — This winter has already brought significant snowfall to much of the U.S. Historically, more snow has meant more road salt. It’s an effective way to clear roads — but also brings cascading environmental impacts as it washes into rivers and streams.

But amid one powerful winter storm that walloped the Midwest in December, employees from the La Crosse County Facilities Department did something a little different.

As usual, they clocked into work well before dawn to plow the county’s downtown parking lots. They were followed by facilities director Ryan Westphal, who walked each of the lots, checking for slick spots. Finding none, he didn’t lay any salt down on top.

That’s a major departure from how he would have handled the situation a few years ago – before their department made the decision to dramatically cut back on salt use to prevent it from flowing into waters like the nearby Mississippi River, which new data show has been growing saltier for decades."

Madeline Heim reports for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel January 16, 2023.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 01/17/2023