"Russia Stalls Powers' Bid To Create Antarctic Marine Sanctuaries"

"Reports from a landmark meeting to debate protections for Antarctic wildlife suggest that Russia has stalled U.S. and European initiatives to establish no-kill zones in the Southern Ocean."

"The defeat came at an extraordinary gathering in Bremerhaven, Germany of the intergovernmental Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR, pronounced kam-lahr), which concluded without an agreement.

It maked only the second time that the 32-year-old CCAMLR has convened outside its annual meeting."

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty had the story July 16, 2013. RFE/RL is a Congessionally funded nonprofit.


"Antarctic Marine Reserves Plan 'Threatened By Russian Fishing Interests'" (EurActiv)

Source: Radio Free Europe, 07/16/2013