"Salmonella-Sickened Grandma Pleads for Food Safety"

"A Colorado grandmother hospitalized for five days after eating an appetizer made with salmonella-tainted eggs urged Congress to pass food safety laws that might have prevented her suffering.

Carol Lobato, 77, of Littleton, developed septic shock and nearly died in July from illness linked to a massive salmonella outbreak and the nationwide recall of half a billion eggs. She was one of two confirmed victims who testifed in a hearing today that also included the owners of the Iowa farms deemed responsible for the crisis. ...

The women were followed by Austin “Jack” DeCoster, owner of Wright County Egg in Galt, Iowa, and his son, Peter DeCoster, the firm's CEO. Orland Bethel, owner of Hillandale Farms of Iowa, based in New Hampton appeared at the hearing, but refused to answer lawmakers' questions, citing the Fifth Amendment. The subcommittee, led by Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., was tasked with examining the outbreak that government health officials now say has sickened at least 1,608 people since May."

JoNel Aleccia reports for MSNBC September 22, 2010.

Source: MSNBC, 09/23/2010