"Saudi Arabia’s Climate Plan Relies On More Oil"

"Saudi Arabia says it wants to join the global fight against climate change — by drilling for more oil.

Rather than cut back on the production of fossil fuels that contribute the most to global warming, the Gulf kingdom wants to tap more of them to bring down emissions.

The idea is to help Saudi Arabia raise money for emission reduction technologies such as carbon capture, which would allow the oil-dependent country to keep running its rigs. Key to this strategy is Saudi Arabia’s continued export of oil around the world — a proven moneymaker that wouldn’t affect Saudi Arabia’s recent pledge to reduce its own emissions to net zero by 2060.

For under international standards, these oil exports would count as emissions for the importing country — and not Saudi Arabia."

Sara Schonhardt reports for E&E News November 8, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 11/08/2021