Scientists Warn Against Relying on Removing CO2 From Atmosphere

Scientists in a new paper warn that the widely discussed idea of relying on carbon-removal technology in future years to remove climate-altering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is a mistake.

"In the past decade, an ambitious — but still mostly hypothetical — technological strategy for meeting our global climate goals has grown prominent in scientific discussions. Known as “negative emissions,” the idea is to remove carbon dioxide from the air using various technological means, a method that could theoretically buy the world more time when it comes to reducing our overall greenhouse-gas emissions.  

Recent models of future climate scenarios have assumed that this technique will be widely used in the future. Few have explored a world in which we can keep the planet’s warming within at least a 2-degree temperature threshold without the help of negative-emission technologies. But some scientists are arguing that this assumption may be a serious mistake.  

In a new opinion paper, published Thursday in the journal Science, climate experts Kevin Anderson of the University of Manchester and Glen Peters of the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research have argued that relying on the uncertain concept of negative emissions as a fix could lock the world into a severe climate-change pathway."

Chelsea Harvey reports for the Washington Post October 13, 2016.

Source: Wash Post, 10/14/2016