Scott Brown Denies Man-Made Climate Change Is Scientifically Proven

"New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown has added his name to the list of Republicans who have dismissed the science behind climate change, despite previously stating that global warming is real.

During a GOP primary debate on Saturday, Brown was asked if he believed that 'the theory of man-made climate change has been scientifically proven.' The former Massachusetts senator, who hopes to challenge Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), responded, 'Uh, no.'

Brown's response, posted in a video Monday by the Democratic opposition research firm American Bridge, is at odds with the position he held while defending his seat in the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race. Back then, Brown said he did believe in climate change during a debate with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat who eventually defeated him."

Sabrina Siddiqui reports for the Huffington Post August 25, 2014.

Source: Huffington Post, 08/27/2014