"Sea-Level Rise Poses Expensive Questions for New York City"

"NEW YORK CITY -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given his city one of the most detailed and highly publicized plans to reduce carbon emissions and to adapt to rising sea levels and other risks posed by climate change."

"He launched his program in 2007 and used it as a platform to vault into the chairmanship of C40, an international group of 40 big-city mayors determined to deal with the complex welter of climate issues they face. 'Mayor Bloomberg is shaping the global dialogue and action on climate change in cities,' boasts the latest version of New York City's plan, known as 'PlaNYC.'

While Mitt Romney and other major Republicans sow doubts about climate issues and many Democrats -- including at times President Obama -- have soft-pedaled them, Bloomberg's plans appear to confront the difficulties of climate change head-on. 'The scientific evidence is irrefutable,' PlaNYC says. 'Rising sea levels are extremely likely,' says the New York City Panel on Climate Change, appointed to advise the city on carrying out the plan."

John J. Fialka reports for ClimateWire May 22, 2012.

Source: ClimateWire, 05/23/2012