Sen. Sanders: Climate Change Is Real, Sen. Inhofe Is 'Dead Wrong'

"In a speech to the Senate on Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) addressed what he calls the 'major environmental crisis of our time,' and took aim at the 'myths' of Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Ok.) and other legislators who ignore or actively deny the existence of anthropogenic climate change."

"'The bottom line,' Sanders said, 'is that when Senator Inhofe says global warming is a hoax, he is just dead wrong, according to the vast majority of climate scientists.'

Sanders also expressed his concern that Inhofe's outsider view on climate change also influences his Republican colleagues. 'For better or worse, when Sen. Inhofe speaks, the Republican Party follows,' Sanders claimed. 'And when the Republican Party follows, it is impossible to get real work done in the Congress.' Inhofe is currently the most senior Republican on the Senate's Committee on Environment and Public Works."

James Gerken reports for the Huffington Post July 31, 2012.


Press Release of July 30, 2012: Sen. Inhofe

Source: Huffington Post, 08/01/2012