"Senate Energy Efficiency Debate Becomes Battleground"

"The Senate on Wednesday plunged into its biggest debate on energy policy in years, by taking up a modest, bipartisan bill that aims to boost the efficiency of buildings nationwide."

"Despite the measure’s wide popularity and narrow scope, the Senate debate on the bill is poised to become a battleground for fighting out an array of controversial energy issues, including whether the Obama administration should approve TransCanada Corp.’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Now, this little bill is loaded with symbolism, said Joe Kruger, energy and environment director at the Bipartisan Policy Center. It has become a test of whether the Senate — much less the entire Congress — can pass substantive legislation setting energy policy amid partisan bickering on oil drilling and environmental regulations."

Jennifer A. Dlouhy reports for Hearst's FuelFix September 11, 2013.


"Vitter's Demand for Health Care Vote May Sink Energy Bill -- Reid" (Environment & Energy Daily)

Source: FuelFix, 09/13/2013