"Shell Vessels Sidelined, Imperiling Arctic Plans"

"HOUSTON -- In another blow to its Alaskan Arctic drilling program, Royal Dutch Shell said on Monday that it had decided to tow its two drill vessels there to Asian ports for major repairs, jeopardizing its plans to begin drilling for oil in the icy northern seas next summer."

"The new potential delay in drilling does not necessarily doom Shell’s seven-year, $4.5 billion quest to open a new oil frontier in the far north, but it may strengthen the position of environmentalists who have repeatedly sued to stop or postpone exploration that they claim carries the risks of a spill nearly impossible to clean up.

It may also give the Obama administration considerably more time to decide whether to allow Shell to continue operations in two Arctic seas after repeated accidents, failed inspections and mechanical problems that have called into question the company’s safety management."

Clifford Krauss reports for the New York Times February 11, 2013.


"Shell To Tow Arctic Drilling Vessels To Asia for Repairs" (Anchorage Daily News)

Source: NY Times, 02/12/2013